We have been offering fee-for-service collaboration since 1995. With the launch of CCS, we aim to utilize our experience in a collaborative capacity to reach our goals and yours!


⦁ Water quality monitoring ⦁ Aquatic species surveys ⦁ Aquatic species at risk salvage and relocation  ⦁ Pre and post environmental restoration monitoring

The CCS team is largely made up of early career scientists, supported by senior scientists and professional biologists. By including CCS in your project you are helping to provide invaluable experience to co-op students and recent graduates that will go a long way toward furthering their careers and resolving your project needs. 


Colquitz River Monitoring

In order to complete an insteam restoration project on Colquitz River the supplementary flow from the Beaver Lake dam had to be closed in order to reduce water levels enough to allow the work to take place. Concerns for salmonid health were raised so CCS was contracted by the Peninsula Streams Society to monitor water level, flow, turbidity and temperature at multiple sites above and below the project to supplement monitoring happening on site. Collaborators: the Peninsula Streams Society and the District of Saanich

McKenzie Restoration Sites
2019 - 2021

As part of the environmental reconciliation of the McKenzie Interchange Project, a number of compensation habitats were constructed, lead by Sean Wong. We are monitoring aquatic elements of these sites to document how they contribute to local ecosystems. This work Includes water quality sampling, photo transects, monitoring of seasonal fish use and benthic invertebrate surveys. Collaborator: Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI)

Portage Inlet Boat Ramp

In 2019 an emergency access boat ramp was constructed in Portage Inlet. Our responsibility was to salvage SARA-listed Olympia oysters needed to be salvaged from the site. The salvaged Olympia oysters were relocated to Fisherman’s Wharf while the Little Neck clams were put back onsite, outside of the construction zone. We took the opportunity to test intertidal survey methodologies. Collaborators: View Royal Municipality, Aquatex Scientific Consulting, Habitat Stewardship Program (DFO)

Craigflower Bridge
2013 - 2019

In 2013, the old Craigflower Bridge was replaced. The area and pilings were covered by SARA-listed Olympia oysters. We were tasked with salvaging the oysters from the construction site, relocating them to artificial shell reefs and monitoring them for 5 years! Collaborators: Applied Ecological Solutions Corp. & Municipality of Saanich

Fish Genetic Preservation
1995 - 2019

This was where it all began; harvesting semen from threatened salmon stocks in BC and preserving it to ensure genetic diversity would not be lost. A novel, field-friendly methodology was invented for the work. 25-year old salmon sperm was used in 2020 for conservation breeding in the upper Fraser. Most of this work in BC is now done by Cryogenetic Services Inc., while our own protocol is still active in Brazil - adapted to other species. Collaborators: Cryogenetics Services Inc., CEPTA & EMBRAPA (Brazil)